Pan European Tracking of a Single Asset

AMPHY now tracking assets seamlessly across Europe using SIGFOX. This clearly shows the benefits of a European wide LPWan over that of segmented LoRa networks.

Integrated WiFi and GPS Tracking

All in one GPS, Sigfox, Bluetooth and Wifi the perfect IOT Device

SFM20R1 Sigfox Modules Have Arrived !!

Cant wait to get these on our prototyping boards the combination of WiFi Bluetooth GPS accelerometer and Sigfox can’t be beaten especially with WND promising a nationwide network within 18 months.

The perfect IOT device

Amphy can now track Bikes, Boats, Generators and JCB’s with cloud based geofencing for sigfox based devices

Where’s my stuff ?

Cloud based tracking for sigfox devices now supporting geofencing, heat mapping and twitter based messaging.

Latest Custom Board Design Delivered

Fed up of changing batteries ?

Our latest custom board design for a Chinese customer incorporating UBLOX technology with the WISOL Sigfox SFM10R1.

When coupled with a Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCI2) battery it can provide location data every 10 mins for over a year.


Amphy, the Internet of Things product development company.

We are here to assist you in the practical process of product development and provide you with the electronics and software technologies that enable you to undertake proof of concept, trial and pilot before any ultimate launch of your IOT device.

We have experience with Sigfox, Lora and WiFi and support rapid prototype to deployment of devices. We are specialists in the field of ultra low power battery operation and developing automated provisioning processes.

If you have an IOT requirement we are well placed to assist you with your IOT device and the associated electronics, processes and software you will need to provision in the field.